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Methods and Applications in Micropalaeontology
Edited by J. Tyszka, M. Oliwkiewicz-Miklasińska, P. Gedl & M. A. Kaminski

Preface (M. A. Kaminski)
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 7-8.  PDF - Full-text Article

Introduction (J. Tyszka, M. Oliwkiewicz-Miklasińska, P. Gedl & M. A. Kaminski)
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 9-10.  PDF - Full-text Article


Micropalaeontological studies in Lower Cambrian rocks of the Yangtze Plate, China: Methods and results Andreas Braun, Yunyuan Chen, Dieter Waloszek & Andreas Maas
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 11-20.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Chromo-stereoscopy as a tool in micropalaeontological investigations: echinoderms as a case study
Andrzej Boczarowski
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 21-36.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Pyritization of microfossils: crinoid remains from the Middle Jurassic of Ogrodzieniec (Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, Poland)
Patrycja Szczepanik & Zbigniew Sawłowicz
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 37-52.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

High resolution Single Particle Analysis by scanning electron microscopy: A new tool to investigate the mineral composition of agglutinated foraminifers
Jan Bartholdy, Thomas Leipe, Peter Frenzel, Franz Tauber & Rainer Bahlo
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 53-65. |  Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Checklist and annotated bibliography of Recent Foraminiferida from the German Baltic Sea coast
Peter Frenzel, Thomas Tech & Jan Bartholdy
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 67-86.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

On the systematics of rugoglobigerinids (planktonic Foraminifera, Late Cretaceous)
Marius Dan Georgescu
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 87-98.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Geometrical constraints in foraminiferal architecture: consequences of change from planispiral to annular growth
Lukas Hottinger
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 99-116.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Polymerization and oligomerization in foraminiferal evolution
Valeria I. Mikhalevich
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 117-142.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

State-of-the-art in modelling of foraminiferal shells: searching for an emergent model
Jarosław Tyszka, Paweł Topa & Krzysztof Saczka
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 143-157. |  Abstract  |  PDF - Full-text Article


Middle Devonian conodonts from black shales of the ¦ciegnia section, Góry ¦więtokrzyskie Mountains, central Poland
Tatiana Woroncowa-Marcinowska
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 159-170.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

High resolution microfossil, microfacies and palynofacies studies as the only method in recognition of the Jurassic and Cretaceous "black shales" in a strongly tectonised section of the Czorsztyn Succession, Pieniny Klippen Belt, Poland
Krzysztof B±k, Marcin Barski & Marta B±k
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 171-198.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Benthic foraminiferal morphogroups and taphonomy of the Cieszyn beds (Tithonian-Neocomian, Polish Outer Carpathians)
Andrzej Szydło
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 199-214.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Urgonian-type microfossils in exotic pebbles of the Late Cretaceous-Palaeogene gravelstones from the Sromowce and Jarmuta formations (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Polish Carpathians)
Michał Krobicki & Barbara Olszewska
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 215-236.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

The Trawne Member (Albian-Cenomanian, Pieniny Klippen Belt, Carpathians): a new insight into its foraminiferal assemblages and biostratigraphy
Katarzyna Pióro
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 237-248.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

A Middle Cenomanian foraminiferal assemblage from the Nowe Rybie section (Żegocina Tectonic Window, Subsilesian Unit, Polish Outer Carpathians)
Elżbieta Machaniec, M. Adam Gasiński, Andrzej ¦l±czka & Tadeusz Le¶niak
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 249-258.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Comparison of deep-water agglutinated foraminifera from the hemipelagic variegated shales (Lower Turonian-Lower Santonian) and turbiditic Godula beds (Upper Santonian-Campanian) in the Lanckorona-Wadowice area (Silesian Unit, Outer Carpathians, Poland)
Anna Lemańska
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 259-272.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Micropalaeontological analysis of olistoliths from the Wieliczka Salt Mine (Outer Carpathians, Poland)
Elżbieta Machaniec & Barbara Zapałowicz-Bilan
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 273-284.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Foraminiferal biostratigraphy and palaeobathymetry of Senonian marls (Upper Cretaceous) in the vicinity of Kraków (Januszowice-Korzkiew area, Bonarka quarry) - preliminary study
Elżbieta Machaniec & Barbara Zapałowicz-Bilan
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 285-296.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Foraminiferal palaeodepth indicators from the lower Palaeogene deposits of the Subsilesian Unit (Polish Outer Carpathians)
Anna Wa¶kowska-Oliwa
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 297-324. |   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

The utility of Deep-Water Agglutinated Foraminiferal acmes for correlating Eocene to Oligocene abyssal sediments in the North Atlantic and Western Tethys
Michael A. Kaminski
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 325-339. |   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Oligocene palaeoenvironmental changes in the Romanian Carpathians, revealed by calcareous nannofossils
Mihaela Carmen Melinte
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 341-352.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Calcareous nannoplankton from the Podhale Flysch (Oligocene-Miocene, Inner Carpathians, Poland)
Małgorzata Garecka
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 353-370.   Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

In situ and recycled dinoflagellate cysts from Middle Miocene deposits at Bęczyn, Carpathian Foredeep, Poland
Przemysław Gedl
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 371-394. |  Abstract   |  PDF - Full-text Article

Organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts from Miocene deposits of Legnica 33/56 borehole (Fore-Sudetic Monocline) as indicators of marine ingression in south-western Poland
Przemysław Gedl & Elżbieta Worobiec
Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 395-410. |  Abstract   |   PDF - Full-text Article

Studia Geologica Polonica, 124: 411-412.  PDF - Full-text Article

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