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Studia Geologica Polonica  

Vol. 128 (2008)   Go to previous volume Go to next volume

Geological Results of the Polish Antarctic Expeditions
Edited by K. Birkenmajer
Part XV

Plant-bearing Jurassic strata at Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula (West Antarctica): geology and fossil-plant description
Krzysztof Birkenmajer  &  Anna Maria Ociepa
Studia Geologica Polonica, 128: 5-96.  PDF - Full-text Article
Krzysztof Birkenmajer1 & Anna Maria Ociepa2
1 Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Geological Sciences, Research Center in Kraków, Poland; ndbirken@cyf‑
2 Institute of Botany, Jagiellonian University, ul. Kopernika 27, 31-501 Kraków, Poland.

The fossil flora from Hope Bay, West Antarctica, is ranking among the richest Jurassic floras of the world. So far, it was known mostly from loose blocks scattered at coastal plain below Mount Flora. The present collections from the Mount Flora Formation, include the fossil plants assembled mainly in situ (from the Flora Glacier Member), but also those obtained from loose blocks (derived from the Five Lakes Valley Member and the Flora Glacier Member).
41 plant taxons were identified: 2 from Hepatophyta, 2 from Sphenophyta, 9 from Pteridophyta, 5 from Pteridophylla, 6 from Pteridospermophyta, 9 from Cycadophyta and 8 from Coniferophyta. The taxons new for Antarctica include the species Coniopteris cf. simplex (Lindley & Hutton) Harris, Equisetum cf. columnare Brongniart emend. Harris, Otozamites gramin eus (Phillips) Harris, and the genera Conites Sternberg emend. Cleal et Rees and Stachyotaxus Na thorst. New taxa include: Crosso zamiamirabilis sp. nov. Ociepa and Pagiophyllum arctowskii sp. nov. Ociepa (Schizole pidella birkenmajeri sp. nov. Ociepa, 2007, has been described separately). A new combination Araucarites antarcticus (Gee) comb. nov. Ociepa is presented.
The described flora confirms its Jurassic age. The paper presents also remarks on palaeoclimate and environment of the Antarctic Peninsula volcanic arc during the Jurassic.

Key words: Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula, Jurassic, geology, fossil plant description

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